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Reviews for Whitestone Dome Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Glass Screen Protector

The Whitestone Dome Glass protector for the Note 20 Ultra 4G/5G uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total & perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
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The Whitestone Dome Glass protector for the Note 20 Ultra 4G/5G uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total & perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.
 4.2 stars from 50 customers

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Great Product
I've been using this product for about 3 years now with great results. Every time I get a new phone I get one of these protectors. I've used others in the past, but nothing gives you more protection and confidence than the whitestone dome protector.
Worth the effort
Not a simple exercise, even with the online tutorials, but well worth spending the time to get it right.
Really nice glass Screen protector for the Note 20 Ultra
I've been trying to find a glass screen protector that I could finally be happy with and have found it here. I think it is worth the money and works really well however there are a couple of things that are 100% perfect for me so I have given it 4/5 stars. It does reduce the touch responsiveness a bit more than I had hoped. While the changing the setting to increase touch sensitivity helps I still didn't completely like the way it all feels but I also really want a glass protector over the film ones so I have decided to keep using. The fingerprint scanner does still work, make sure you reregister you prints. However it is slightly slower and less responsive than before but still works well enough.
Note 20 Ultra Screen protector
This screen protector is perfect for my phone it was easy to install also the fingerprint worked first time
Best protection for your all your devices
This review is about the company as the product speaks for itself. Mobile fun is a lovely place to shop. And even if the item you purchased is faulty there are no waiting for a replacement (within reason). Next day sent out. Thank you Mobile fun ????
Whitestone Dome Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Glass Screen Protector
Excellent product, bought it for the second time, very good protection, finger print compatible.
Good, not worth the price
It's pretty good as a screen protector. But the installation process is a bit much, also my table wasn't level so my glue slowly moved and got sucked up by the jig. So now I have an extra spare screen protector with no glue for it. All in all costs too much, and the process to put it on the phone is a bit much.
Highly Recommended
Just e simple words, ,Thank you,,
Excellent screen protector
Have used these before on other phones and always good protection.
Very good
Very good and easy to use! Clear Instructions
Awesome Product
The glass cover is simply the best out there. I've used them for years and they are crystal clear and you'd never know you had one one on. Only gave it a four star award because they're super expensive but in comparison to having to repeat order other covers when they break, you'd end up paying the same anyway. I'd highly recommend it for any phone. Mobile fun give a great service all the way through the buying process too. 5 stars for them.
Excellent product
Excellent product, fits perfectly on the phone, finger print is working also.
Had high hopes
In less than a week the screen protector chipped and cracked and it was only ever charging on a desk or in my pocket. Very disappointing for the price.

The installation process might seem daunting but it's quite simple when you get into it. Gave the impression that it was a really good screen protector and it fits perfectly on the phone and the fingerprinting works flawlessly, but clearly its not very durable as I couldn't tell what would have happened to cause the chip.
Extreme care needed when installing
Adhesive missed top-left of screen. So followed instructions for reapplication of the screen protector but it cracked when being very gently lifted away from the phone. I am sure this is an excellent product if there are no hitches during the application process. If there are you stand to loose an expensive investment in the protection of your phone.
Great product, shame there aren't two
After an awkward install (first time using this product) I have to say this is the best screen protector on the market for any phones with a curved edge, most other products have glue just on the edges and they always come away from the phone over time. This is "glued" on to the whole screen.
Unfortunately I have just cracked the protector and will have to order another, but at circa £300 for a full screen repair from Samsung this def paid for itself.
Comes with two liquid "glue" tubes, just wish there was a spare screen at this price.
Very good
More technical than other screen protectors. But the end product seems very good.
I would buy it again
Great product
Although much more expensive and more complicated than most screen protectors, when you're spending this much on a phone you may as well pay a little more to ensure protection.
The quality is unbelievable, feels just like the phone screen and it won't come of or interfere with the phone case.
Love it.
I will never buy another brand of screen protector. This one doesn't dislodge like the other screen protectors that only adhere to the edges.
The best you can buy
These are easy to install I would recommend you watch a few YouTube videos and familiarise your self before you start.
Nice Finish and Easy to Apply
Having read countless reviews for different types of screen protectors, I ended up going with the Whitedome. I've never had one on any of my phones and I've owned phones since the mid-90s. With no experience whatsoever of applying one, I can honestly say the Whitedome protector was very easy to apply, and the finish is great. Doesn't even look like it's on the screen. Going forward I think it will do its job as it's supposed to do. I am happy to recommend this product to others who are considering getting one.
Literally the worst screen protector ever the first one didn't stick the second one shattered after 5 mins. BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY EVER
For the price not good enough
After what appeared to be a faultless installation the glass started showing signs of deterioration within weeks. It has now failed along all edges with several spots center. The phone has always been kept in a wallet for further protection
Great product but tedious fitment.
Only for the more patient conisour
Mobile fun alway amazing support
Good but finger print issues
Decent product and instalation easy, however finger print unlock problematic, mobile fun sent a replacement no questions asked which is great but for £45 it's not worth the money considering the fingerprint unlock is hit and miss with this screen protector applied
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