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UAG Metropolis Rugged iPhone 8 / 7 Wallet Case - Black Anmeldelser

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Equip your iPhone 8 / 7 with extreme, military-grade protection and storage for cards with the Metropolis Rugged Wallet case in black from UAG. Impact and water resistant this is the ideal way of protecting your phone and providing card storage.
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Equip your iPhone 8 / 7 with extreme, military-grade protection and storage for cards with the Metropolis Rugged Wallet case in black from UAG. Impact and water resistant this is the ideal way of protecting your phone and providing card storage.
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Rugged IPhone Case
Having left my phone on the Car Roof & driven off (fortunately saw it drop) & as we do a lot of Walking & Cycling I wanted something rugged to protect my phone. This fits the bill, is neater & more compact than other available options. It slips into Jacket or Jeans pockets & fits the bill.
Really good protection.
As a gardener I need the best protection for my phone and this case is perfect. The textured exterior gives a safe grip in wet weather or when wearing gloves and both sides of the phone are protected from knocks and bangs when I am up ladders pruning trees or using heavy equipment.
The case is slimmer and more streamlined than expected -, it looks chunky and military in the website pictures . Ideal for my needs.
Protecting Screen & phone
I have very good experience with UAG products since I’ve bought several phone protection to my iPhone. I can recommend this product to everyone who need a protection for their iPhone.
Good protected
Great case with good protection & somewhere to keep cards & notes
Excellent phone case
Snug fitting, protective case providing military spec drop protection. Magnetic clasp. Very pleased with it.
Excellent product
Excellent value for money
I already use one it is for another phone.
its a great purchase
i was just happy with the look on your web its compact and is great thanks
Really good protection at reasonable price
My iPhone actually looks newer than it actually is with this case. Initially, thought it looked a bit fugly but now its funky. Dropped the phone in this case in the gym on the outer edge on a steel corner from about 1m hight and it survived without a scratch. Should have bought this as soon as I bought the phone.

However... Won't be shopping at anymore as they keep on sending me items that seem to have been previously used. This case looked like it had dried food inside the silver lettering. Laters loosers.
Considering the price I was highly dubious about the quality and integrity of this case.
My wife convinced me to take the plunge especially after just paying 150 for a new screen.
I’m glad I did, the case is more than tough enough, the frog grip provides ample amounts of friction to stop it sliding off surfaces or out of my hand. The quality is top notch and for the price I think it’s perfectly justified.
Oh and I can get three cards in the slot with out having to struggle pulling them out.
Brilliant case
This is a great case, very robust and have full confidence if I dropped my phone it round be protected
Really robust, well designed case
Bought to protect an iPhone 6, really good fit and had protection in all the most vulnerable places (corners, back and sides). Together with a screen protector I'm confident the phone is as well protected as it can be in the hands of an active teenage son! Well packaged and delivered on time. Thank you!
Ideal wallet
Good product
Almost Perfect
Bought this for my Dad for his birthday as he needed something sturdy and lightweight. He has a little trouble opening the catch and it doesn't always go back straight but still works fine. Other than that, I would like a better choice of colours, but otherwise perfect!
Good male option
V happy with case. Not as chunky as pics depict, but mean that in positive way!! Easy to hold, and not too thick, whilst still delivering good phone protection.
Good sturdy appearance
Lovely case sturdy and nice appearance. Only thing I don’t like is the opening part with such a small attach meant to the main body. It flops around a bit not being attached all the way down. It only has one inside pocket I would have preferred two pockets for cards etc. Other than that it’s a great cover and protects the phone all around especially ially as it’s very sturdy ‘rubber’ type material. Would reccomend it my phone feels safe inside it.
Absolutely perfect
I am really impressed with this phone cover, it looks and feels solid ,gives maximum protection to my son's phone and most importantly it looks really robust and manly!!! giving my son the street cred he loves!!
Very impressed. Better quality than expected.
Bought as a xmas present and very well received.
Really light good quality case ❤️
This is a really light but very good quality case - I chose red which I love but jazzed it up with some stickers as I thought it looked a bit masculine! Tidy little slot to keep a debut card in - all in all very happy with the purchase THANK YOU ????
Great product and quick delivery
Easy to navigate, purchase and then the delivery was quicker than advertised, case is very good.
Fantastic purchase ,a complete protection for i phone 7,brilliant company to deal with,highly recommend it to all.
Fantastic purchase, a complete protection for I phone 7, brilliant company to deal with, highly recommend it to all.
Badly designed flip cover
At the price, an item like this needs to be spot-on; it isn't, however. The cover scews when open or being closed, rather than having a hinge which maintains it movement parallel to the main case. This could be designed-out with more thought. As result, you have to align the closing flap carefully so it engages, and releasing it is slightly fiddly. It may be tough, but with such poor ergonomics, I cannot recommend this product at all.
iPhone 7 UAG case
Great product got a UAG case for my iPad 2017 then pick up the same case for my new iPhone 7 great protection for both item when on the move and traveling abroad
Love it
This makes my phone so secure and safe from damage. Love the bright red wish there were more colour options
Excellent phone case
Being in the building trade I wanted a case to protect my phone but that would also allow a temprered glass screen protector, the UAG is spot on gives my phone 100% protection and looks good too, arrived very quickly , couldn't be happier
excellent product
promt deliver as described
Protective and functional
Having broken my previous phone's screen twice, I wanted a case to protect my phone if I drop it and this seems to offer the protection that I wanted (not that I've dropped it yet). Compared to other cases that I've had, it is very easy to remove the phone to place it in my in car holder. The connection between the case and the cover is a bit flimsy but there is no evidence of it wanting to tear after almost a month of use - I suspect this will ultimately be a problem in the future but cases don't last forever. It is useful to have the space to store a card in the cover but there is only space for one. Overall I'm happy with this good value case.
I would recommend it to my friends and family.
Nothing the case came really Quickly and I would recommend it to my friends and family.
Have used this for a week. Overall impression is good. It is lightweight, sturdy, minimalist design. Only drawback is it is designed to hold only one card (maybe two at a stretch).

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