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Reviews for Sugru 3 Pack Mouldable Cable Fixing Putty - Black

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Introducing Sugru, the world’s first mouldable glue that turns into rubber. Thanks to its patented silicon technology, Sugru in black is electrically insulating, thus making it great for fixing cables and electrical equipment.
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Fortsett  - not available for purchase

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Introducing Sugru, the world’s first mouldable glue that turns into rubber. Thanks to its patented silicon technology, Sugru in black is electrically insulating, thus making it great for fixing cables and electrical equipment.
 4.8 stars from 89 customers

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Sugary mouldable glue
Wanted to fix my sunglasses but was unable to find the nose piece. Found this product on line and it is fantastic. I can now wear my sunglasses again.
Shipping From UK Not From Australia
I bought Sugru from this website thinking that because it was an Australian website it was an Australian stockist and I could avoid the month-long wait to have it shipped from the UK.

Turns out it's a UK business shipping from the UK and it's taken the usual month to arrive. The estimated delivery time of 7-15 days, and mention of Australian postal service suggests it's a local supplier, and I saw nothing in the cart process to suggest otherwise. Really not impressed with that little deception; if I wanted it to take a month to get to me I'd have ordered it directly from the maker. If it wasn't intentional I suggest you make it clearer that it's coming from overseas.

Other than that, product is as described and I've used Sugru before so I already know it's good stuff. I recommend the product but not this supplier.
The new duct tape
This stuff does everything. It's a little expensive, but for something so versitile it's worth it. I've attached go pros to my helmet, added pieces to the exterior of a vehicle and patched a cable. It does it all. It also cures even in cold temperatures, which would cause other products to fail.
Brilliant - very useful.
It worked fine for my repair jobs.
Great Product
Always very HAPPY with Sugru from day one when I used it. Sad that it is not available at any physical stores in Singapore. But was relieved to know that MobileFun was carrying this range. :)
Well Done !
Received my package as promised in a very timely manner. Impressed every time I buy something. Good Show !
Good for difficult fixing jobs
Useful for mending charging cables and certain plastics no other glue will fix
Worked well
I had all the information needed
No hype
This unique product performed as described and I am very happy to recommend it accordingly. Thank you for very satisfactory all round service.
Mouldable glue
All I wanted to know that if it the jobs he way it was described and not another gimmick.
I am well pleased the product.
Awesome stuff!
I bought Sugru to repair some big cracks in a car dashboard. I was skeptical when I first purchased it, but I figured I could not make the dash look any worse. To my surprise, mixing the black and white parts matched my gray dash exactly! Not only was it easy to work with, but it allowed enough time to fill and mold into the cracks before drying! I am very impressed with this stuff!
Very versatile item
This was my second purchase. Amazed how it can be used for so many purposes.
Great product
Exactly as described and suitable for various purposes
excellent stuff
Brilliant, easy to use and it actually works.
Great product
The product is great. The shipping is fast.
Good shit
It did its job, just like it should.
Have not used yet.
Thank You
Only limited by your imagination...
What a great product! Bought two Nikon 2x teleconverters and used two black Sugru to join them together to make a 2x pair of wide field binoculars.
Still stuck fast after several weeks with no indication of coming apart.

It's so good I bought two further double packets containing three white and three black in each packet.

Now to try to think up all sorts of other uses.....
I tried this product thinking how can this possibly work, but it did! It’s a very unique product easy to work with does what it says it will do. Kudos to those that made it and to those that make it available to consumers.
Sugru - Formable Glue
This is exactly what I needed to mount my gopro on my mc-helmet.
After 24hrs the sugru is solid and my gopro is in perfect position!

Would recomend 10/10
Great stuff.
Made a nice supportive cover over my fraying ear phone cord.
Check it out on Youtube.
I have to Repair my boots
Sugru helps!
Pity it no longer is sold here in Norway. Good I found a shop on the internet to order it from. Repair it, fasten it, improve it with Sugru!
Excellent service
Very good prompt delivery and excellent product
Great stuff
Sugru lived up to expectations. I found it very easy to use and the gadget I used it on is now well and truly fixed.
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