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Reviews for Plug N Go Handsfree Sports Bluetooth Earphones - Black

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The Plug N Go 265 Wireless Earphones provide crystal clear music in a comfortable headset. Water-resistant and highly durable, these Bluetooth earphones are perfect for running, working out as well as just listening to music on the go.
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The Plug N Go 265 Wireless Earphones provide crystal clear music in a comfortable headset. Water-resistant and highly durable, these Bluetooth earphones are perfect for running, working out as well as just listening to music on the go.
 4.1 stars from 35 customers

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Good Product
Good product ideal for running or in the gym
Ideal for active wear
Bought because all others I tried would come lose whilst exercising. When ever I tried to push them back into my ear they would switch off or change songs. These ones are controlled from the main bar so can be adjusted whilst on the move. Used them running and on the bike. Great so far.
Good to wear when out running.
Very good for the price
I think all the info was available. Did have an issue after 9 months when it would not pair. However, I received a replacement
These work well
It's all on the Website
Headphone wireless, hands free..
Sounds Great, fits my head perfect, I like being able to have my hands free and still listen to my music...
The only complaint I have my ear gets sore after awhile, it would be nice if it had softer ear plugs.
Not always comfortable when wearing for over an hour
Quite small with no room for extending.
Good sound.
Takes a while for ears to get used to forced position.
Very compact
A good idea but not as comfortable as I would have expected
There ok
It would have been nice to know they may be uncomfortable to wear for long periods. Its uncomfortable on the ear as the material it is made of is quite hard and no soft cushening. unfortunately the head seems to randomly call people on the mobile but otherwise it works ok.
Great product ..great price
Excellent service delivering a fab product. Light, good sound quality for the price too
Can't seem to get use to them. For one, can't use them while laying in bed because the back of my head lays on them. Second, they don't stay in my ears.
I can't get use to them
Not a fan if thw design. For one you can't lay in bed with them on because my head is laying on them. Another thing is they don't exactly stay in the ear and could be louder. I wanted to send them back but didn't get a chance to check if I have to pay the shipping fee.
Very happy. Excellent Service!
I really like it, clear sound
The best Bluetooth headset that you can get.
It works perfectly. Great value for money.
Great value for money
Very comfortable and easy to use with a good battery life
fantastic purchase
Very loud clear sound. Comfortable, easy to use and set up. I would highly recommend.
excellent product
The pairing process (earphones and mobile phone) is straightforward and simple.The audio is clear and legible for voice, music and taped programming.
The unit is comfortable to wear on the back of the neck for long periods of time, even while sleeping in bed. The latter can be done using either one or both ears; for the former, one ear piece can be laid on the side of the neck. This adds to the comfort of side sleepers, though listening with both ear-pieces through the night is not a burden.
Just what I wanted, totally cordless, easy to fit
Wouldn't pair with any Bluetooth device. Will be sending it straight back.
Doesn't Work with my phone.
It was difficult to switch on blue tooth, had to press button really hard to get the light flashing red/blue. Once i figured this out i got the message on my phone that this headset cannot communicate with this device. So is not compatible with my Samsung S5 mobile phone. Would not have bought this had i know. it wasn't made clear about phone compatibility issues.
Easy to use and reliable
The headphones were easy to use and well prcied
Does the job!
Does the job, reasonable sound quality at a reasonable price.
A good piece of tech
It was easy to set up . The headphones needed charging when they arrived but this was easy to do and my iPad recognized the headphones straight away.
Works well BUT
Water repelent must not be confused with waterproof. unfortunatly mine cracked on one of the joints on the first use.
The sound is good but the quality is not.
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