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Reviews for PanzerGlass TPU Case Friendly Screen Protector For Google Pixel 6 Pro

Introducing the high-quality, ultra-thin PanzerGlass TPU screen protector in black. Designed to be shock & scratch resistant, as well as touch sensitive. This offers the ultimate protection. Certified to work with the Google Pixel 6 Pro fingerprint sensor
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Introducing the high-quality, ultra-thin PanzerGlass TPU screen protector in black. Designed to be shock & scratch resistant, as well as touch sensitive. This offers the ultimate protection. Certified to work with the Google Pixel 6 Pro fingerprint sensor
 4.1 stars from 11 customers

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Love it
Love this screen protector bought 2 already
Great screen protector
Having bought a screen protector along with the be Google pixel 6 Pro I expected it to work perfectly, sadly this was not the case. When I purchased the Panzer glass protector I didn't really hold out much hope, how wrong I was. The finger print sensor works on average 85-90% of the time, you do need to keep the screen clean(sticky fingers can cause issues) but I am very pleased with it.
Really easy to install and the feel on the screen is exceptional. Really recommend buying to protect and still be functional.
I like this screen protector
I was actually looking for a glass protector and came across this one. I'm an avid user of Zagg screen protectors but they don't have any. This one applied well and because it's TPU, it actually reminds me of the original TPU protectors I used to get from Zagg, so I was very impressed. A good product and happy I purchased it.
approved and protected
Just because your screen is ultra strong doesn't mean it can't break and its always a good idea to protect your screen! This is one of the few fingerprint touch approved protectors on the market and the phone work 98% the same as it did before the protector. Goes on like it should and works great!
Easy to apply, fingerprint reader works
Although the instructions are not 100% accurate the film is easy to apply. They included squeegee helps iron out bubbles.

The surface has a better tactile feel. It was to slippery fire my liking before

The fingerprint reader works. The extra 'stickiness' of the surface provides a more consistent read.
Not what you think
It's a plastic film. Mine didn't stick properly and kept coming off as I attempted to remove the peelable plastic (tabs are numbered 1-4). The protective film isn't a single piece. It's two pieces held together via the removable plastic cover. Each half of the protective film is roughly the size of half the phone screen. The film wasn't staying down around the curved edges and I ended up destroying the thing during installation. I've never heard of Panzer Glass and only got it because it was the only in-stock Google-recommended protector guaranteed to work with the fingerprint reader. Not one I'd recommend, at least when it comes to these multiple section plastic protectors.
Excellent alternative to bulky tempered glass
Although not offering anywhere near the same level of shatter protection as tempered glass I much prefer this type of protector for curved screens as I've found glass protectors always start lifting at the edges and can also alter the hue of the screen. This protector is a 'soft' film that adheres well to the screen and, importantly, the curved edges. It has a very mild tactile feel to it under the fingers, not quite as smooth as glass but it's really very smooth compared to things like the old Zagg 'wet install' films which felt 'rubbery' to the touch. Do make sure you watch as many 'installation' videos as you can to get a proper idea of how to apply it as there a few steps involved (it doesn't just go on in one movement) and it can easily be messed up if you aren't sure what you're doing. I've had the film on for two months now and have been using both the official Google hard case and the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case and there have been no issues with the edges peeling despite it being a very close fit.
Could be a good product, if only there was a guide!
This single screen protector comes with the usual cleaning bits, a squeegee for the air bubbles, and a QR code for the instructions. Sadly, the QR code takes you to a link with no instructions for a Pixel 6 Pro, the nearest model is the Samsung S21 Ultra, which O clicked on to watch a video but the link doesn't work! I did find a link eventually, but the screen protector I had didn't have a guide or stickers in the same place, so the instruction were practically useless. I ended trying to figure out how to do it myself, and made a mess of it. So I ended putting the screen protector I'm the bin.

This set up isn't great and this isn't a simple screen protector to fit, so a short demo video of how to do it would have made the world of difference!
Get this one
Even if it is not currently in stock, order and wait. Be sure to watch the video about how to put it on about 5 times first. Once on, this screen protector has never given me the "fingerprint Pixel issue" at all.
Not glass
Be aware when you buy this it is not glass even though the product name says PanzerGlass. It's my fault as I didn't notice TPU. It is a plastic film but it does work well and with the fingerprint, it's only sometimes that it doesn't work with fingerprint so I just type in pin. So using this until my actual glass one comes in that is Google certified to work with fingerprint.

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