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Reviews for Olixar Ultra Thin USB-C Wireless Charging Adapter - Silver

Add wireless charging to your USB-C devices without replacing your cover or case with this Olixar Ultra-Thin Qi Wireless Charging receiver. Once attached to the back of your phone, put your case back on & charge away, completely wire free!
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Add wireless charging to your USB-C devices without replacing your cover or case with this Olixar Ultra-Thin Qi Wireless Charging receiver. Once attached to the back of your phone, put your case back on & charge away, completely wire free!
 4.2 stars from 72 customers

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Dose what it should
I had all the information I needed just Google d it and bought the product and it works fine.
Very cool
Mobile Zap said this adapted would convert my phone to wireless charging...
It works and it was not expensive.
Easy to buy
Easy to install
smart bit of equipment
thin enough to fit with my cover on plus gives me the added bonus of stopping dust getting into my charging port, it will charge with my cover on but found my phone was getting very hot so just slipped my cover off and that sorted the problem,
Works well
I had an alarm clock bought me with wireless charging. My phone isn't compatible with this so I bought this item to make my phone charge this way. Easy just plugs in the bottom.
Works well
I bought this as I was bought a wireless charger clock for Christmas and my phone isn't compatable. Just put 1 of these in the charging port on phone and lay in the wireless symbol, charges when I'm asleep.
This works great!
I needed to enable my new phone so I can charge it in my new car charger. It does just that. Very Happy with it.
Great product
Works perfectly.
Excellent delivery service.
Only thing I would point out you have to have a case on your phone as it doesn't stick to back of the phone as I thought it did.
But so much better than having to plug in.
Very good
Works very well. Had it for a month or so now and it is well worth it.
Very useful
I wanted to know if the charger would work on my Samsung A52 and it worked perfectly
Awesome Product
This product works exactly as described. As long as you have Ctype charger...this will work for you. Now I can charge my cellphone wirelessly!
Good job
Great bit of kit does the job perfectly no having cable stretched across every ware just stick it on a charging pad BOOM ????
As described
So far seems to be a good product
Easy to use
until my son told me about this product I didn't think I could use the wireless charger, purchasing was easy, and it works.
Sadly I could not get this working on a key2
It didn't work on my charging pads for a blackberry key2
Works well
Works well with my Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
Great product!
Arrived sooner than expected and works great! Would definitely buy from them again
Not working with case cover on
I really want to keep using my P20 Pro and make it charge wireless. This product does not work. It just doesn't with a case cover on.

And its but a back of phone transparent rubber case lol. Money spent on nothing.
Stay away, put money in crypto.
Barely there
Barely there meaning it's so thin fits nicely under phone cover should have some sorta glue magnetic adesive because without a phone case it will flip around it gets really hot when charging I was so excited to get wireless charging because I bought the LG Stylo 5 thinking it had wireless charging didn't so was stoked to find product to turn it in to wireless ability price was fare and came in mail rather quick
Slightly disappointed
Does NOT work with a Samsung GALAXY A52 5G, despite being advertised as compatable.
Nice and slim, and does work with my hubbys Sony Experia though, so Not a total loss!
Works great
Bought this to convert to wireless charging. First set I bought was a flop charged extremely slow.this works great.doesnt charge as fast as a wired fast charger but iam happy with the results.
Useful charger adaptor
This is needed for lesser models of phones to make them a viable option. Plugs into charger port of your phone & lays along back. I find it very slow (4hours !). May work better on different phones !
Absolutely No Good at All
This product charges so slowly that it is useless. I have gone back to my USB cable.
Good customer service
A full list of compatible phones would be helpful
Works like a charm
Does a good job of charging my phone. Thanks for the quick service..
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