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Reviews for Olixar True Wireless Earbuds With Charging Case - Black

The Olixar True Wireless (TWS) Black Earbuds with rechargeable case ensures the perfect sound experience, without the need for annoying wires. Answer calls with the inbuilt mic or pick a song & immerse yourself in high-quality music for up to 8 hours!
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The Olixar True Wireless (TWS) Black Earbuds with rechargeable case ensures the perfect sound experience, without the need for annoying wires. Answer calls with the inbuilt mic or pick a song & immerse yourself in high-quality music for up to 8 hours!
 4.8 stars from 45 customers

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Excellent quality & performance
These fit very snugly and are comfortable without fear of falling out. The sound and volume adjustment is perfect. Battery seems good haven’t had to recharge during single use yet. Great value for money I’m glad I bought 2 sets.
Great bass, adjustable volume... Just tap, great price !
A quality entry level Bluetooth buds !
Great earbuds
The charge lasts for ages!
Brilliant earbuds
These are brilliant, they keep going for ever.
Good quality for price
That they where good quality and not going to break very quickly and they are
Very cool
Excellent product
Compatibility with Samsung
Good product
Easy set up, lovely colour, for the price there just perfect
Excellent Buy
I agree with all the positive statements about this product. If you want to buy a more expensive pair, then go ahead but at £20 this is a great deal.
Works well
First time I've had something like this. Was easy enough to connect to my phone, feel sure I read something about different size rubber end pieces but I can only see one pair on them so could be wrong about that. Went walking with someone and we shared an earpiece each which was great and worked for us.
Great sound
The product is good value for the quality, easy to pair with my devices and look good.
A digital charge indicator would of been a nice touch and don’t forget to remove the battery tab before charging.
Mobile Fun products are really handy and good prices.
Excellent - well worth buying.
My first pair of earbuds. Still coming to terms with tapping to change tracks and switch off and on but the comfort and sound is top quality. I've seen others at 5 times the price - if they are 5 times as good you would be able to pick up the International Space Station. Also like the colour, every one else seems to have white. If you want a pair of earbuds, don't mess about - get these.
Great Value for money
Bought these on a whim, having read good reviews beforehand. I wasn't disappointed! As has been said previously, they are initially difficult to get out - i even did wonder if they were fixed in in some way, but pre-warned is pre-armed as they say and after a bit of perseverance succeeded and having got the "knack" it's now no problem. Good set of written instructions to go with them. Great sound for the money paid. Nice touch to have different sets of sized gel to accommodate most ear sizes. Great to have a case that holds a charge too, so they can be recharged on the move without needing a power source. I would certainly recommend them.
Value for money
Really good quality ear buds for an unbelievable price..
Would highly recommend this product..
Fantastic fit
The EarPods arrived very quickly and were easy to operate. The colour was a bonus as it is an exact match to my phone.
Amazing little ear buds
I found it a bit tricky to pop them in while avoiding the sensor button (by which they mean the entire back of the earbud! Took me 2 days to figure that out, but I am not smart) but after I got the hang of it, the tapping and holding to change tracks, stop/start the music, and adjust the volume is AWESOME. They're really comfortable and come with three sizes of rubber bits to fit your ear perfectly.
Nice earbuds
My first earbuds so I waited until I'd read a few reviews and was happy with the price. Having bought from Mobile Fun before I knew there would be no doubting the quality of the product or the service. So my decision was made and I'm delighted with the item. I use the earbuds daily on dog walks and around the house and they are perfect for my needs. Happy buyer!
Great looking and sounding earbuds
They are really quite nice, they are a great design, and made with good materials. They feel good to hold and fit snugly and comfortably in my ears. They come with three different sizes of rubber ear tips to fit different sized ear canals. The buds and case are magnetic and have a good firm and secure fit in the case. I find them fiddly to take out of the case, there isn't anything to aid in removing them like a ridge or lever or button or lip or anything so because they fit securely and a smooth and curvy design, it's difficult to take them out. However, this is a small inconvenience that is outweighed by lots of other good features. When taken out of the case, firstly the earbuds connect to each other, then they either go into pairing mode, ready to connect to a device or if already paired, the automatically connect to a paired device. The sound is quite excellent and loud, I've used mine with a range of music styles on Spotify, BBC Sounds and Social Media platforms and they are excellent - especially at this price range - quite exceptional tbh. Phone call quality differs depending on signal strength and connection quality but is still very good. One of my favourite features are the touch controls on each earbud. You can take or end a call, skip music tracks in either direction, pause music and turn the volume up or down. I don't think this is mentioned in the description - if it is I missed it - but I took a gamble anyway and I was very pleasantly surprised. They have a usb-c charging socket on the case and this in turn charges the earbuds, there are lights and indicators to show you charging in progress etc. I don't have a wireless charging pad or station so I can't confirm how that works. Charging is good and fast and so far I haven't had any issues running out of battery, they hold plenty of charge for me at light to medium usage. Heavier users might need to charge more often but the usb-c can do that very quickly. So overall I'm seriously impressed and very happy with these, so much so that I bought another pair for my godson's birhday. If you are wavering on deciding to get these or not, get them - you will not be disappointed.
Fantastic quality at a good price
Bought 2 pairs as Christmas presents, the 2 people that received them are very pleased with them, very good quality at a fantastic price, would highly recommend.
Very good headphones
I bought these as a gift but my partner said they are great, they work very well and good value for money. I would recommend!
Good quality sound
Easy to setup and good quality sound
Brilliant product would buy off here again
Amazing product
Fabulous value for money, arrived within a day and work and absolute treat. You would be a mug to the prices Apple, Samsung etc charge. Easy to follow instructions in getting started and how to operate once in use.
These buds are the best ive had, i love the case, its well made sturdy and not too big. Getting the buds out was easy, i used my thumb and index finger to just pull it out, it helps if you have nails lol. At 1st trying to pair to my bluetooth it couldn't find it, so i put buds back in case and out again and it found the device and connected. I love that it automatically connects to phone when taken out the case and turns off when in the case, its so much easier, the battery is fantasticc the sound/bass is absolutely brilliant. There are no buttons on the buds its touch sensitive so give it a tap 3× to change music but its all in the instruction leaflet. Once getting used to it, its a breeze. All in all i love these and for the price do not miss out, these are fantastic buds maybe even better than expensive brands in my opinion. Highly recommended
very good item / woork perfect with my samsung flip z3 / I am satisfied with them .
I wanted to know if is compatible with my samsung z3 flip
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