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Reviews for Olixar Sony Xperia 5 II Full Cover Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Keep your Sony Xperia 5 II screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass screen protector. It's designed to cover and protect even the edges of the phone's display, whilst also having black edges which match the Xperia 5 II perfectly.
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Keep your Sony Xperia 5 II screen in pristine condition with this Olixar Tempered Glass screen protector. It's designed to cover and protect even the edges of the phone's display, whilst also having black edges which match the Xperia 5 II perfectly.
 3.2 stars from 24 customers

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Mobile Fun great however not impressed with Olixar
Followed the Olixar instructions. My phone fell out of a jacket pocket and the screen saver fell off. Using another brand now.
So far so good
I bought a different brand which cracked when you as much as sneeze on them.
This is expensive but very good packaging and is very straight forward to fit.I have a Spigen case and this does not interfere and fits edge to edge.
Nice Products for SONY Xperia 5 II Smartphone
Quality products that MobileFun carried and they ship around the world.
Not as it's described
After using it for a while I found that the screen protector isn't really good
I found it broken and it wasn't hit by anything
Poor touch sensitivity
Overall the protector does it's job, but at the cost of touch screen sensitivity. Often I have to touch multiple times to get a detection and it's just plain frustrating. Also, while it seems to have gone away, when initially installed the protector it was making a "click" noise when touching certain areas of the screen. I can only assume this was because it wasn't sitting on the screen properly, but again, this seems to have gone away. Anyway, it does the job of protection at the cost of touch screen sensitivity. I've had other glass protectors on my past phones and had zero issue. I will be looking for a new one however for this phone.
Poor adhesive
Poor adhesive makes the screen protector "float" around on the screen. After I replaced it with a Panzer full fit screen protector I noticed it only have adhesive around the edges. Not recommended.
I bought this as I liked the black boarder that matches the phone. I couldn't find any other products that also had this feature so I was willing to pay the extra money for it. The protective cover went on easily enough and I was amazed that there wasn't a single bubble that had to be squashed out. However the corner edges appear to be starting to lift (about 1 month on the phone) and the touch sensitivity has been decreased quite noticeably. This is more pronounced in the corners where it is starting to delaminate. Overall if it worked as well as cheaper versions I have bought in the past for other phones I wouldn't mind the price. But it seems to have pretty poor adhesion. It will probably need replacing in another month or so because I will get annoyed enough to replace it or it won't be useable anymore. In summary, aesthetics good, application really good. Functionality poor.
Not great
Really bad edge touch detection. Started detaching after a week, and clicking when touched.
Perfect fit!
This is the perfect size for this phone, it works really well.
It's ok
It doesn't fit flush to the screen, it clicks in some places, and when you try to press some parts of the screen it doesn't quite catch properly you've got to press harder in parts.
Here is the truth...
All the complaints about weak adhesive, and how the glue doesn't cover the entire surface of the glass, that is impairs the touch sensitivity, sadly is all true but please read on.

I installed my screen protector under a clean hood at my work, so keep in mind that my experience will be based on a near dust free application of the glass.

After installation, the glass fits the device perfectly, and it does cover the entire surface of the display, including the bezels. I can't tell where exactly the adhesive spots are, though they seem to be in the middle because the edges don't stick very well. I can hear the crackling sound as I put pressure around the edges and corners of the glass. On top of that, the glass actually shifts around if I push it with a bit force (making it easy to adjust if you didn't you place it perfectly the first time I guess...), proving that the adhesive isn't very strong.

Regarding the thickness, it does hinder the touch sensitivity quite a bit near the edges and corners. I game on this phone, so this bothers me, hence taking off 1 star.

All that negativity being said, the reason I gave this product a 4 star is because none of the above actually affects its functionality, which is to protect your screen. Not only that, it looks beautiful. There are zero glue spots, or gaps visible. Even with the weaker bonding near the edges, I haven't noticed any dust getting in after 3 days of moderate use, neither has the glass been shifting around by itself.

Today the phone actually fell out of my jacket pocket as I was bending down to put on my shoes. Landed on on the corner, and cracked the screen protector a little bit and didn't shatter. So I'd say this product does its job alright.

I will come back and update this review if anything said here changes.
Quality Product
Purchased Tempered glass screen protector for Sony Xperia 5ii. It was delivered quickly. Screen protector was easy to fit and had no air bubbles. Great product and would buy again.
Strange design choice.
Haven't yet had the issues of a gap between the screen and protector like some users claim but the is a kilometre of adhesive that you can see running around the edge of the display which is annoying.

I've never seen a screen protector that has adhesive only on the very edge and I don't understand why they've done this when so many other glass protectors have a complete layer of adhesive which works great.

Not very good.
Not worth the price. Thin & just seems flimsy. Touch sensitivity seems to reduce as well.
Protects and keeps phone looking like new
Great product. Initially it did not stick at the top however it was replaced quickly and is now perfect
Not great
Found touch screen function was impaired after fitting the glass screen protector. Typing and swiping had to be done more definitely and firmly which became annoying very quickly. I then accidentally dropped the phone, which also had an impact resistant case, no damage to the phone but the screen protector (which was carefully and properly fitted to a brand new phone) fell off and would not refit successfully.
Well packaged and presented but failed to live up to expectations.
Tried another make, this worked well.
Excellent product
I purchased the Olixar tempered glass screen protector for my new Sony Xperia 5ii.
It is a perfect fit for the phone and I was amazed how easily the protector went onto the screen. No annoying trapped bubbles to worry about.
This appears to be a high quality screen protector, hopefully I'll never have to put it to the test.
Not sensitive enough
Although this is very easy to apply, I found that the touch screen didn't work as efficiently as it does without it. For that reason I have removed it and will be looking for a thinner film version
Perfect fit!
Covers all the screen 100%, unlike some others. Make sure your room is dust-free; best to apply in a bathroom. Fill a sink or half of bathtub with hot water then when it get steamed, apply it.
Came off in 2 days. Doesn't even cover full screen. Avoid.
Pretty terrible screen protector, made screen almost completely unresponsive and was way too overpriced. Definitely would not recommend
Fits good, expensive but the only place I could buy it but it seems good quality.

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