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Reviews for Olixar Longarm Premium Universal Tablet og Smartphone Clamp Holder.

Bestående av en 1M ekstra lang holder og klemmer på festeklemmen, den Olixar Longarm kan festes til en hvilken som helst overflate med en tykkelse opp til 80 mm - inkludert pulter, senger, bord, kjøkkenbenker og mer. Få den ideelle visningen av enheten uansett hva
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Bestående av en 1M ekstra lang holder og klemmer på festeklemmen, den Olixar Longarm kan festes til en hvilken som helst overflate med en tykkelse opp til 80 mm - inkludert pulter, senger, bord, kjøkkenbenker og mer. Få den ideelle visningen av enheten uansett hva
 4.5 stars from 96 customers

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Seems good, not tried yet
A very sturdy phone holder, seemed easy to use and excellent quality but haven't really tried it properly yet.
Useful product
Adjustable for different positions, good sturdy product
I recieved this it is amazing,no more bloops cause I have to hold my tablet with my hand Ilove it
A good solid product
The price plus postage.
Great product, even better service
Bought as gift for a desk, it is bulkier than expected, however really sturdy and can be used for many situations.
The first one I ordered did break, mobilefun provided me with amazing service in order to replace it. Thank you!
Very versatile mount that is more convenient to use than I expected
We bought this to mount our Galaxy Tab S7 FE (12.4") in our small trailer. We have not used it for this yet, but it has already made itself useful for mounting the tablet on a side table. I use it to keep an eye on a hockey game while watching other content on the TV with my wife, without having to worry about it sliding off or falling anywhere.

Fitment on the Tab S7 FE:
- Only clamps one way (the tablet is too big long-ways)
- Too heavy for the short section of the arm; the last 8-10 inches after the chrome coupler seems to have more play
- Other than the two issues noted above, it works great for this tablet
The 'wire' is very stiff when trying to change the angle (compared to the clamp), but on the flip side it means it holds well.
Holds a phone or tablet
Good Fit - Easy to use
Sliding arm to fit phone with a good sturdy flexible cable.
Easily adjustable table grip
Good product and practical.
Bought these items for friends as I all ready have one . Ideal for our Saturday night quiz sessions. Thank you.
It sort of works
t sort of works, for iPhone it was usable and seems to be
designed mainly for that sort of product. For my iPad
mini I had to remove it’s cover in order to expand the jaws
to use it. For the standard iPad, the device didn’t
balance the weight at all well, the jaws were stretched
almost to breaking and it was not easy
to use. So I’ve only used it once with the iPad mini.

Did think about returning for a refund but not done
yet. Sorry to be negative.
Great piece of equipment
Holds the phone really securely, easy adjustable clamp, nice length arm.
The arm is quite stiff to move around but it will stay where you put it because of that.
Bought one for my friend, liked it so much I got one for myself.
Already broken
This worked OK with my S6+ Fot a couple of weeks. It broke at the join about 1/3 down the shaft. I've tied it with cable ties...
Excellent Gadget
Olixar LongArm Premium Universal Tablet and Smartphone Clamp Holder is even more useful than expected. In these times of using an iPad or smart phone for conference calling, it is a vital piece of equipment. By far the best product ever purchased from Mobile Fun.
great product
a superb sturdy product my partner has limited use of her hands she clamps it to all sorts of things only drawback could do with some rubber on the clamp so it fits easier in round items
Very happy so far
It holds a quite heavy tablet . it droops a bit with the weight but the holder can be raised a bit more to account for this. Just dont try to bend it close to the silver sleeve or it might break inside
Very good
A good solution for difficult environments
Product looks a bit clunky but works well to attach to surfaces in non-office spaces eg kitchen counters or zoom calls from the living room. Its sturdy enough to support an iPad though will have to see how well it lasts. But happy with this cost-effective solution which provides more flexibility than just simple desk stands (though is inherently much larger)
Strong and versatile - but you need to be strong too
This device is really useful. I can now use my Samsung 10 inch tablet as a recipe book and not worry about getting it dirty or damaged in the kitchen. The supporting structure is very strong and not easy to bend. How they got the picture as a spiral I have no idea - I cant do that. I have mine secured to the shelf and it comes up and over to eye level with my 10 inch tablet. It is a bit springy due to the weight, but so far its always stayed where I put it. I'm really happy with this and would recommend it
Decent But Slight Wobble
Great long length of hose and swivels in all directions so you're able to reach virtually any position for viewing. Accepts my 10.1" tablet no probs and holds weight well. Only minute grumble is slight wobble with any vibrations on a desk or breeze.

Quick delivery by Mobiefun 5*
Product is of good quality and pretty sturdy.
Arrived as expected on time.
Arrived earlier than expected - Good item
Easy to put together & use - sturdy piece of equipment.
Very useful but adjustments a bit of a struggle
Difficult to judge from the picture, but adjusting the arm angles felt like a gym workout! However, once in place it's great for viewing video or reading without having to hold everything in place. High quality, sturdy materials.
more information on how malleable the product is !
Very good
A little wobly, easy to install, hard to get to stay in the right position, but overall very good would buy again
This is good quality, very flexible and is a great way to film my art in progress.
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