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Olixar Head Up Display (HUD) In-Car Mount Navigation System Anmeldelser

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Use your smartphone as a HUD, inspired by fighter jet heads up displays. With a selection of apps, you can use this unit to reflect your smartphone display, viewing metrics such as speed, revs and directions.
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Use your smartphone as a HUD, inspired by fighter jet heads up displays. With a selection of apps, you can use this unit to reflect your smartphone display, viewing metrics such as speed, revs and directions.
 3.4 stars from 29 customers

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Wanted one for long time
Not got around to try it yet as of lockdown but think it will be good as I've had a lot of things from mobile fun had no problems before
Confusing display
The product is well built however the glass displays the map back to front showing left as right etc.
This is a it confusing if your trying to follow directions.
I have a apple x phone and I can’t see how to change the display to compensate ????
Need reasseing
Whether it was suction cup holder or glued on or both. Some cars are hired or mobility and have to go back so cannot stick them on
Useless product
The product totally failed to work adequately and ended up in the dustbin. Not recommended.
excellent tool
very clear and easy to set up
Heads up!
Full of expectation, I opened the box containing the parts that make up this 'Head-up display' to find the reflective element badly scratched (through the protective covering, which itself had been badly applied). This was reported to MobileFun who arranged immediately for a replacement to be despatched. This replacement was fine, and the device now sits in my car providing a display which, although not of the standard fitted by BMW to their new cars, does provide some of the benefits. But at the end of the day you get what you pay for.
Unbox/ 1st impression
Well packaged, looks impressive. Not yet installed/ used !!
Waste of money
Poorly made not fit for purpose
To go where no one
Have not used it yet still trying to put it together
Probably very good
This device does not work with Google maps so I am trying to find another programme that will produce a mirror image for HUD on my phone... it should then work very well.
galaxy note 3
I wonder if it works with galaxy note 3? Do I need to install which application to use for navigation?
with kind regards
Can't use this system unless your phone is able to reverse images
I would never have bought this if the description had explained that the phone images that are projected onto the screen of the display system, need to be flipped/ reversed/ mirrored so they can be read. It's obvious now I have it, but it was not something that I thought of when I purchased it. It should have been mentioned in the description, as not many phones are able to do that I can't use this HUD at all..
Doesn't work don't waste your money!!!!!
Not very good all your can see is the reflection of mobile don't waste your money

Sorry to hear you aren't happy with this item. Please make sure your phone's brightness is set to maximum, especially in the daytime to get the most out of the display. Any further problems, please contact our Customer Services department.
good company to do business with very professional
Check your software before buying
Works really well, BUT, your maps/navigation software has to be capable of projecting a mirror image and Google Maps doesn't have this feature.
Impressed - a little
Whilst I like the simplicity of this 'tech', in that it reflects the phone screen to your view, that simplicity is too much when it comes to the documentation and instructions with the item. It took a little more research to understand what all the bits were for and then there's a load of possible software solutions that confused me further. I settled on the 'hudway' that was recommended. The display is simple. It's an aid to driving in difficult visibility conditions and so far I've used it in a test but not yet in anger.
Didn't work well
My cell phone is 5.7" and it was difficult to get the entire phone in the reflection plus, in daylight I could barely see the display. It came with additional reflective surfaces and items to install them but no instructions or why I would want to install them. It probably works well at night but I don't drive that much at night. Other than that, the product was as described. I have re-boxed it and it sits awaiting its fate.
Not totally impressed
After receiving the HUD device thought is would be a little different, hard to see the screen and it also highlights the whole mobile phone unlike the pictures used in the advertisment.
Vero nice
I have an old car without a Navigator; I solved the problem And i can use the item on all my car and moto. Thanks .
Decent HUD
The box arrived with the following parts an instruction card, which does not tell you everything, but with just a little thought you can work out what the parts may be for.
The easiest part is the HUD itself which comes with an ample sized cloth.
In the front of the box there is the stand and ball socket nut. The instruction card shows how this is fitted, but I found the best way was to partially screw the nut into the underside of the HUD unit then clip the half ball mount into this. I must say the tightening of the nut is fiddly, particularly when there is so little clearance under the unit when it is on the dash.
In a separate box, there is a spare reflective mirror a double sided mount sticker and a piece of wide smooth plastic strip, sticky on one side.
The strip to be useful for those who have dashboards that are not very good for sticking small footprint articles to them like the adjustable base of the HUD. My own dashboard is such, that it has a matt crinkle type finish which looks effective, but is terrible for sticking anything to it. The plastic strip is a boon in this case, allowing a large surface error to stick to, with a smooth top to allow the foot print to be stuck down. The double sided mount sticker, could of course be used to give more height clearance under the bracket when it is on a slope.
Not a bad unit, just a few minor gripes, As has been said the reflection onto the screen and the bracket for the top reflective screen could have been made to be raised to at least the thickness of most mobile phones, so that the mirror surface was level with the top of the phone when laid down.
Good but...
Works very well but, at night, shows reflection on device and also projected on windscreen. During the day the silver hinges also reflect on windscreen, these would be better black. Device comes with a number of additional parts with no explanation of what these are for. Overall I am very pleased with the functionality apart from the comments above.

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