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Olixar 3-i-1 solid, flettet USB-C-, hurtiglading- og micro-USB-kabel Anmeldelser

Med ikke én, ikke to, men tre ladere – micro-USB, hurtiglading og USB-C, vil denne solide, stilige og svært funksjonelle flettede kabelen fra Olixar la deg lade omtrent hvilken som helst smarttelefon på markedet.
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 4.2 stars from 97 customers

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Swiss Army knife of a cable
Well made cable. No hint of cheap materials used. Has the feel of a cable that’ll stand the test of time.
I am very pleased with the Olixar Trile Cable.
It works great with CAR PLAY for IOS Devices and the ANDROID PLAY for the Android Devices.
I am Very pleased with them, and I recommend them to everyone
that is looking for a Good Solid and Easy to use because they are very long and Flexible too!
Does what it said on the tin
A good quality product at an excellent price. No more to be said.
Works really well
After a month of daily use, it is still working to expectation
Excellent product.
Simple and useful charging cable. Bought two through the offer and we keep one each in our bags and feel safe we can always charge multiple devices in either car, at work or in either of our homes. Good purchase. Just remember it is slow charge and allow time. Thanks
Very convenient ad we have many different divided.
Perfect A++
Highly recommended
this is a great product & a great addition to the office & home as everyone these days has different needs.
Service was fast & very professional.
Highly recommended
Convenient, but not perfect
I find that this is a great cable to have around in case of having to charge any recent device, but it unfortunately doesn't support Samsung fast charging
Impressed & satisfied
The Olixar 3-in-1 USB-C Lightning and Micro USB Braided Tough Cable is awesome. I can use it to charge my phone & tablet at the same time. I'm so happy that I bought two of these charging cables.l
I'm an uber driver and my riders loves it. It's the best cable I have seen so far with 3 outlets.
Tough? Yes. Quick charging? No.
This is a tough, well built cable, but what the advertising neglected to say is that using this cable will take you 2.3 times longer to charge your phone (than it would using the factory supplied cable). And that is with only the phone connected. The extra lengths of tough cable must add significant extra resistance, such that the current goes down, resulting in longer charging times.
If one just uses this cable for overnight charging, then no problem. But if you want to charge your phone quickly, I'm afraid this cable isn't going to do it.
Great quality cables
The Olixar 3-in-1 is definitely the perfect solution to the under the desk nightmare I experienced with other cables that would fray over time and get caught and twisted.

The only recommendation I would make is that on the sides of each connection type, they put a raised 'L', 'M', and 'C' and different coloured so that we can see or feel the difference when we are trying to find the correct one to plug into our devices. I have had my wife and children have difficulty and have to ask me which one goes in and it would be easier to simply say plug in 'M' and not have them look baffled when I try and describe the difference between USB-C and Micro USB.
Doesn't Allow Fastcharge for Samsung Devices
When I connected Samsung "Fast Charger" to my Samsung Note9, the phone said "slow charging--connect with proper cable". This happened even though none of the other cables were connected to other devices. If I had known that this was the case, I wouldn't have bought this accessory even at this low price.
Best cable
Really good cable,wish I had bought them first before all the crap one’s,think they will last a long time well worth it
Does what it should do
Works well but doesn't super charge my p20 pro
Good product
Nothing, self explanatory
No good
When using this on my iPhone 7+ whilst it is used as a sat nav the lead can’t deliver enough power to the phone, resulting in a flat phone
A useful bit of kit and very well made
Handy to have different connectors on one usb. However the connector no one seems to know what it fits would have been better in my optinion to have been a second lightning connector. Those of us who use apple products would have found 2 lightning connectors really useful.
Terrible! Just terrible!
I had purchased these before and they were wonderful - did everything a multi-cable charger should do.
However these seem thinner and of lesser quality and do not charge at any rate other than snail pace.
Very very disappointed
Excellent product
Totally convenient!
Bought two, both failed after a couple of months use
I bought one for me and one for my son on Two for One deal, to keep in our cars.They looked good solid quality and worked well but both failed after a couple of months light use. Can only assume the robust covering is not carried through internally. Dissapointing, would not buy again.
Just what you need!!
Useful charging lead now I have mixed plug gadgets to charge. Solves a lot of problems with finding outlets for multiple chargers. One socket now does them all.
I would have liked to know that it will be slower to charge than the original supplied.
Fantastic cable
Since my wife has Apple devices and I have Android devices, this type of charging cable is ideal. I did have a similar one 2 years ago, but it didn't last; this new one is a "tough cable" and it feels like it, so we shall find out in time.
This is a proper lightning cable, so charges devices as quickly as the supply will allow; my power pack charged my Samsung S5 within 2 hours.
VERY happy with this product!
Very useful backup 3 in 1 cable set
Good multi purpose cable but slow when charging later android devices (this will not fast charge Samsung devices).
Quality manufacturing
As described
Good item
Handy and space saving but slow to charge.
Very handy when you have people in the same household with different devices requiring different types of charger. Also was good travelling on a long journey in the car when a couple of devices needed to be charged at the same time. Only one USB slot needed. One small drawback is that it's a much slower charge than the genuine cables that come with your device but if you can live with that, then it's worth it.
Good strong cable for charging various devices
This is a good multiple charging cable - just enough flexibility for something designed not to break away at connectors nor have the internal wiring break. Not bad length either
Great product, great quality
Better quality than expected, wish i’d bought more!
Neat organiser
This tri-charging cable does exactly what is needed for those of us where the devices we own outstrip the electrical sockets available.

One caveat though, the USB-C lead may not work on some Huawei phones, my Honor View 10 will not charge on it but my 2017 Samsung Galaxy phone will, albeit slowly but adequately.
With the Wife having a galaxy S9 and me still on the S7 we now needed two different chargers in the car. Leads everywhere. This solved the problem.
Handy versatile charger lead.
A very versatile lead as long as you are not in a hurry. When I charge my galaxy s8 it shows up as a slow charge rate. I am yet to try it on my ipad.
Ideal when having multiple devices
Since I upgraded my phone, I needed a usb c cable for the car, and since my wife still needs micro usb, I didn't want multiple cables trailing around. We don't have iPhones, but some of my friends do, so the lightning cable is handy if they're in my car. As it was a bogof, I got one for the workshop for similar reasons.(I actually bought 4) Well worth it.
Great product
Perfect for a family with users that have different devices, means that only one plug use and the cables are neat
Great quality
A good quality item that saves on plugs and works on all three.
great idea
To be able to charge more than one item or only having to carry one lead is perfect
very good delivery time, product works well, only one cable now instead of three, very tidy
didn't need to know anything more, the product was well advertised with all necessary information
not satisfied
the product is good but the downside is it was not a fast charger cable.
The only came you will ever need
This fits all my devices, can charge more than one at a time. One for the car and one in the house. Great.
A very good buy, i love it.
Slow charge.
It takes hours to charge my phone????
Excellent Item
This set of leads seem to be of good quality. The connection ends fit all my sockets firmly.
Not a lot you can say about this sort of lead, apart from its quality, and if it works. These seem to be both.
Waste of money.
This isn't working. Both of them are slow charging.

Sorry to hear about the issues that your are experiencing with this product, would it be possible for you to contact our customer service department who will be able to assist your further?
Slow Charging
The flexibility of this product is great and the build quality looks good, but.... When charging a USB C device (a Sony XZ or a Samsung tablet) it is very slow.
Ö thought this would be great in the car and a free one indoors
When it arrived I tried to chare both Samsung and apple phones. Samsung nice fit but I was using so much force with the iPhone thought it would break. When it located sounded more cracking than click.
Tried both leads several times and now given up
Better than expected
Great idea very handy
Fair to middling!
Only issue is that my Samsung phone only charges slowly with this product meaning that it’s only suitable for overnight charging.
Not as good as expected
Wanted this for traveling, so would only have to take one lead. apple & micro usb are good the third plug seems a rarely used type which I have nothing that uses it, but another commonly used plug is not included, so still had to take an extra lead on trip
Really Handy
Got one in the car and one by my bed - saves me rooting around for the right cable!
Useful spare part for friends.
I purchased this so I can have spare charging leads for me and my guest. Only 4 stars as my Note8 says it is not a fast charger, so they have not wired it correctly. It still charges but at half the speed.
Good price on the 2for1 offer
... both are working great.
Waste of money.
I expected a fast charger for the lastest Samsung since it has a USB C also. Totally not worth spending your money on this.
Anti-cat, Anti-stress cables
Cat can't chew through it easily, doesn't stress - these are brilliant - and when someone at work needs to borrow a cable - you don't even have to ask what model! Love it, buying more!
Not a fast charger
The fact that it is not a fast charger is not good at all. Would habe not ordered for sure!
Charges that slowly it's a waste of money, 0.5 A if you're lucky!
Hi Ro

Sounds like you may have a faulty item or your charger isn't delivering enough charge. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
multi charger
brilliant concept and superior quality
Quality accessory and value for money
Comes with taxes cable cover / insulation with quality connections and plastic pieces not the cheap brittle plastic often found.
Useful charging cable
Exactly as described and good quality charging cable. Great space saver for charging multiple devices with one cable.
Convenient lead to charge three devices at the same time.
The only thing you have to appreciate is the charge time is slower than a separate high speed charger but useful for charging overnight or keeping devices charged in the car.
Great Stuff
This lead charges both my iphone stuff and mini usb as well.
Saves hunting for two diferent leads. I'm a bit puzzled as to what the third lead fits. Any suggestions? Polite replies only.
Convenient but slow
When used on Samsung Galaxy S8 USB C it is significantly slower than Samsungs own charger. Same for Apple.
Worth the price
Charging cable is very well made, as are all products from Olixar and saves having to carry several different ones.
No data link to my PC
Useful Tool
I have it to be an essential tool to carry with me as travel about for office assignments. It free me from packing many cables. I have everything in one bunch. Thanks
Good purchase
Does exactly what I wanted
Tough and robust accessory
I was happy with the description
Extremely useful
I have found this item to be very useful as it reduces the number of separate cables I need to take with me when travelling.
Unsuitable for today's mobiles
This product does not work with today's mobile phones that need a thicker cable to carry a higher current. This cable should be described as a 1 Amp cable.
Olixar 3-in-1 USB-C, Lightning & Micro USB Braided Tough Cable
all good very use full
Excellent product
I often find that these cables are easily damaged. After a few months use it's as good as new. Multiple connectors mean it's also ideal for the car. Definitely worth buying.
Tough and versatile
Very sturdy plugs bonded firmly to robust cable make this item resistant to most accidental damage from trapping, kinking and pulling plugs out by the cable (still not advisable but - we all do it!).
And the three outputs I need - iPhone, spare battery set, Kindle and MacBook in one cable. Very glad I bought two (house and car, see?). Good one.
Works well as a charger
Works well as a charger, but no data transfer, I’ll have to buy another, I can’t find it, one of the kids stole it.
This cable seems to be only charging cable not data as well.
Important to know, this cable seems to be only charging cable not data as well.
nice piece of kit
sturdy & does what it’s supposed to do, BOGOF means one for the house & one for the car, ‘another satisfied customer ‘ ????
A great bit of kit
USB with three phone connection is well made .
Avery useful in busy office and household with different types of phones.
Thanks mobile fun.
3-in-1 charger cable
Item was received within a reasonable time from when order placed, does the job and I'm able to share with others at work.
Really classy looks
So versatile. Fits most devices without changing cables. What a saver of effort. Excellent value.
Looks Robust
I bought this for when i travel. I needed something that was robust and long enough for when I stay in hotels with power points in the most useless positions. This seems to work well and no issues so far. Certainly looks and feels like it will last awhile.
Great gadget
I travel a lot and try to minimise the gadgets I need to take so this is a useful bit of cabling which takes the place of 3 others.
great cable
somehow through randomness I ended up with 3 active phones for different reaons - old HTC, new HTC and an IPhone.

This cable provided the perfect solution to not having to have "cable spaghetti" in my workbag or in the car!

Perfect solution to an annoying problem! So good a colleague ordered one too.
very good covering several devices
Does the job I wanted, visitors who have forgotten their charger/cable now catered for.
A good strong multi headed charge cable.
The cable will charge items with micro usb, usb c and lightning connector such as iphones without issue. It has a strong braided wrapping and is made to last. It's the only cable I need in my glove compartment in the car for the diverse phones in the family. Bought this in a 2 for 1 offer. Thanks MF for another good purchase.
Much sturdier than other items of a similar nature that I've purchased in the past
Good sturdy cable device.
Especially good for travelling.
Three times the fun!
This cable is the answer to a problem I didn't realise I had. My car was cluttered with three charging cables to cope with the needs of an iPhone, various new Galaxy's and Sat Nav. Then Olixar came up with this high quality fancy cable which charges all three from a single source and getting rid of two charging cables leaves room in the front cubby tray for essentials like packets of sweets and milk shakes.
I've also plugged one of these 3in1s into a socket in the lounge so we no longer have fights over whose phone is in the most need of a charge.
Domestic harmony and premium quality charging all in a single cable.
Very good USB cable - Recommended
First impressions are that this is a well made, useful product. I was worried that the braiding would make the cable inflexible but it is quite thin and can easily be coiled up. The length of approximately 1 metre is perfect for in-car use and adequate for home use. To make it an unbeatable product the manufacturers could add a Mini-B connector (commonly used on sat-navs and cameras) and include some instructions, e.g. can you recharge more than one item at the same time? However, that aside it appears well made and is sold at a fair price.
not a lot to say really....You offered it, I ordered it, you delivered it, it works.
You offered it, I ordered it, you delivered it, it works.
Great product!
I've looked for ages to find a single USB lead to cover all my requirements and at last this is it! Well made and looks like it will last a long time, unlike some of the individual leads I've used. So far, it has worked with ever device I've tried without any problem. The connectors are small enough to fit through the opening in the case without any problem. Charges two device at the same time without a problem - I've not tried three. Definitely one of the best purchases I've made recently and I'm very happy. Received very quickly after placing my order. Overall, extremely satisified.
Charge any device with one cable Brillante
Impressive product charges any phone and at an affordable price plus to top it all of mobile fun gave one free win win :)
good stuff
really well made, should last longer than the fon/tablet/whatever

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