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Reviews for Official Sony Style Cover Protective Purple Stand Case - For Sony Xperia 1 III

The stunning Official Sony case for the Sony Xperia 1 III in purple has shock-absorbing technology to protect your device from impacts from any angle. As well as protecting your device, it features a kickstand for you to easily view your favourite media.
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The stunning Official Sony case for the Sony Xperia 1 III in purple has shock-absorbing technology to protect your device from impacts from any angle. As well as protecting your device, it features a kickstand for you to easily view your favourite media.
 4.8 stars from 13 customers

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Best case for Xperia 1 III
This is the best case I've found for the Xperia 1 III. I've tried everything from custom made leather cases to basic cases from the jungle website. Everything is either too cheap feeling or it feels like a brick in my pocket from adding so much bulk. This is clean, thin, and comfortable.
Awesome case
I am very happy I purchased this case. It offers superb protection whilst allowing uninterrupted access to the control toggles on the edge of the phone. Feels good in the hand. The flip-out prop on the back is a welcome inclusion. I also bought the Olixar Slim 15W Fast Wireless Charging Pad and it charges the phone without having to remove it from the case. Highly recommend this product.
Worth every penny
High quality feeling case with antimicrobial and non slip back. Phone clips right in and is hugged in securely. Slits cut out on both the sides and the bottom, which makes holding the phone feel satisfying (texture on back helps alot too). Paired with the built-in stand on the back, I can use my Xperia anywhere as a portable media viewing device, or a mini console (just hook up PS controller via Bluetooth!).

Not a total protection case, it's more for the users who want some protection, while also not taking any of the premium feel away from the phone (unlike the cheap 10 dollars cases you find on eBay or Amazon). If anything, I feel as if it adds to it. It's a very, very nice case.

If you bought this phone, might as well get this case too, that is unless, you want more protection. But why hide such beautiful device?.....
High Quality Product
I bought this product because there is no official case for Sony Xperia 1 III here in the U.S. and I love the product, it is high quality, I definitely recommend this item and this company!
Quality Product
The Chris well made and fish the Xperia 1 iii perfectly. The design and materials are top notch.
Nice case but no screen protection
This is a pleasant case and feels nice as you actually get to hold the phone but every screen protector i have had on it breaks at the edges and front as there is no protection at all and the screen sticks out from the case
Great quality product
Great Service, fast delivery from MobileFun
Excellent Customer Service
After not receiving the item I ordered I contacted customer service. They were extremely responsive and immediately got another item in the mail which was received shortly after. Very impressed.
Case review
It's a good case overall, it's original, looks good, pretty solid, has openings for all buttons and ports, feels good in the hand, and works as a phone stand. Should protect the phone from most drops, except for ones on uneven surfaces or if the phone hits sharp corners. Finally, to shield the phone from any impact's vibration, I recommend aiding it with a screen protector.
Good Solid Official Sony Xperia 1iii Vade
If your looking for the official Sony Xperia 1iii case this is it. It's a pretty good case. Although it only holds in the corners so the sides of the phone & glass are exposed. I haven't dropped the phone yet so I'm not sure if that's a weakness. It does work with a tempered glass screen protector, & the full screen one too. It is removed easily but I don't think it will come off when dropped. It has a kick stand which is useful I suppose. The case is made of 1 pretty hard durable plastic material sort of textured so it's not slippery. Not many cases out there for this phone. I would recommend. Says Sony on the back. It's a non shiney black color.
Excellent Case
This is my second case. I had the 1 ii but washed it with the laundry. The beauty of the case it that you can still see the beauty of the phone and it's not bulky.
A premium phone cover
The phone cover is one of the best covers I have bought, it feels durable and has luxurious feel to it. Primarily, I bought it because the cover is designed to allow easy accessibility of all the ports and buttons like the dedicated camera button and yet still able to protect the phone. I must say I love how I can "feel" my phone and yet know that it's protected. The hard durable back and non slip material makes holding the phone a pure joy.
It may be slightly pricey but for the quality I'd say its worth it. If you are willing to pay a premium for the phone, I'd say its definitely worth it to get the best case for your phone.
Great Case
The case looks and feels fantastic. The rear is made out of a hard durable plastic with a rugged texture that provides excellent grip. This case will certainly keep the rear and camera free from scratches on your phone, however it most likely will not help prevent much damage from being dropped on the side or corners. The "lip" of the case is almost non-existent when on the phone, so I wouldn't recommend laying the phone down on its display. Overall the case is quite expensive for what it is, but I'm still happy with the purchase.

Delivery from MobileFun went smoothly. I didn't have any way to track the package, but it did arrive on time.

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