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Official Samsung Galaxy Super Fast Wireless Charger Duo - Black Anmeldelser

Fortsett  - not available for purchase
Charge up to two devices at once including your Samsung Galaxy, with the official super fast wireless charging pad in black. Spend less time waiting around for your phone to charge and more time doing what you want to do with this official charger.
kr 690,49
 3.7 stars from 17 customers

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Stylish but flawed
This is a really well made stylish wireless charger as you would expect from Samsung but what you wouldn't expect is for it not to be supplied with a UK 3-pin plug when it is being purchased in the UK from a UK company. Charging speeds are only average when compared to many other cheaper phones but I only use it overnight so it's not an issue. Great service from MobileFun as always!
2 devices 1 charger
Bought this because my watch charger went faulty - let's me charge my phone and watch using the 1 charger.
No AU adaptor
Brought from an "Australian" website but supplied with a UK plug, unable to provide an AU plug. Disappointing when you buy a genuine product that you either have to use a non-genuine travel adaptor or return the product.
Great price, took a week to deliver.
Would of been handy to know the charger has European plug, picked up a euro to uk adaptor, works fine.
Fantastic device!
Excellent product, I'm very satisfied with my purchase.
Great but........
I ordered the duo charger, it came promptly however it came with the wrong mains adapter. I live in Australia and instead of a 3 prong plug I received a 2 prong Asian adapter, soooo that kinda sucked that I had to buy an adapter
Shiping charges too high
I like this wireless charger this is the one of best super fast wireless charger but shiping cost very high 2600 handred reupes not good for buyers.
Good product
Charges ur mobile a bit slow..but better that other wireless chargers out there.
Can charge 2 devices at once and you are getting a samsung fast charge adapter with cable.
Worth it!!
Needs an EU charger!
This product was bought in the intention of having less plugs in the wall. Now I have to buy an EU to NZ adapter. Had this been better advertised as an EU charger needing an adapter I would have bought somewhere else. Be more forthcoming with your description of the product instead of hiding the important info at the bottom of the page!
Great charger wrong plug
This is a great charger, would be even better if it shipped with a New Zealand plug especially considering this is a website.
Perfect Note9/Watch Companion
Product works like a dream - even use it for my iPhone.
Worth the money spend.

Customer service top class - it's a pleasure shopping on this site
EU version - beware
This comes with an EU 2-pin plug and the standard 3-pin Adaptive Fast Charger that comes with the phone doesn't work - it only has output voltages of 9 and 5 volts. It also needs 12volts. None of the 3-pin adapters sold by Mobile Fun have 12/9/5 volt outputs.
I my opinion the title of this product should clearly show EU plug. I emailed to complain but got words to the effect - you should have read the small print.
Good, but be ware
Although this is a genuine Samsung product it is delivered with a non UK adaptor (2 pin European), so needs a converter to be able to use. It should also be noted that you can't use your phone adapter as it does not provide a high enough output voltage.

It should be made clear before purchase that this is not a UK compliant product.
Well made works brilliantly.But as all Samsung original parts EXPENSIVE
Awesome charger
High quality charger, even faster than Samsungs last year model.
It comes with a high power multi voltage power adapter.
Dual fast charging is a very nice feature.
Great product
Wireless fast charging for Samsung and other compatible devices, 2 at a time

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