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We Have The Finest BlackBerry Z10 Accessories Just For You!

Friday, February 8th, 2013

The BlackBerry Z10 has been highly anticipated for some months, and we at Mobile Fun have the biggest and best range of Z10 accessories out there. We went through our long list of accessories and handpicked some of our favourites for you:

Case-Mate Artistry Woods case

If you like to mix the old with the new, then this case is just what you’ve been waiting for. What better way to show off your cutting edge Z10 than with the bespoke Case-Mate Artistry Woods case, which brings a touch of the rustic to the Z10’s sleek styling. This Case-Mate Accessory is made from a single piece of exotic hardwood and surrounded by a brushed aluminium edge to ensure maximum protection for your phone, while also making you stand out from the crowd. The Artistry Woods case is a true work of art designed to give your Z10 that touch of old fashioned luxury. However, it’s just one of the many excellent Z10 cases that we have available for you.

Z10 Sports Armband

If you’re wanting to make use of the Z10’s excellent MP3 player functionality whilst you work out, there’s no better solution than our Z10 Sports Armband. Not only does it completely cover the Z10 (making it ideal for those braving all weather in their workout), it comes with an adjustable strap, making it available to all. Its transparent plastic cover allows the user to interact with the touch screen of the Z10 without removing it from the armband, meaning this really is a must-have accessory.

GripMount Case and Car Pack

Finally, we have the GripMount Case and Car Pack, perfect for anyone looking to use their Z10 when they’re on the move. Gripping your Z10 firmly and securely regardless of whether it has a case on or not, the GripMount can be used both horizontally or vertically, and attached to either the windscreen or the dashboard, meaning that no matter where you’re most comfortable looking, the GripMount will work for you. The GripMount also comes with a car charger, so if you’re using the Z10 as a GPS, you needn’t worry about running the battery down.

For the GripMount, other Z10 Car Holders, and more fantastic Z10 accessories, don’t forget to check out Mobile Fun. Thanks for reading!