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Olixar High Power iPhone Car Charger

Olixar High Power iPhone Car Charger


Produktnummer: 67344

Keep your Apple iPhone fully charged on the road with this high power 2.4A Car Charger, featuring extendable spiral cord design. As an added bonus, you can charge an additional USB device from the built-in USB port!

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High power means high speed charging

With a whopping 2.4A at your disposal, this high powered car charger will top your iPhone up in no time. It will also allow you to use battery intensive applications such as sat nav or playing music without draining your battery - and you'll still be charging at the same time!

Ergonomic car charger is easy to use

This iPhone car charger has been designed to be as comfortable to use and as functional as possible.

Featuring a pleasingly and reassuringly straightforward design, it can be easily plugged and unplugged from your car's electrical port. Its small size is a welcome bonus, as it will not hinder any operation of your vehicle or take up any more space than necessary. After all, the last thing you need when driving is any distractions.

High Power Lightning Car Charger with Extra USB Port - Black    High Power Lightning Car Charger with Extra USB Port - Black

Built-in USB port for charging an extra device

This product also features a built-in USB port so you can charge an additional device that has a USB charging cable. This makes it an essential accessory for your vehicle.

High Power iPhone 5 Car Charger

Spiral cord design is extendable, space-saving and tangle-free

Ideal for saving space and reducing clutter, this iPhone car charger has a spiral cord design which extends to provide plenty of range without causing any tangles.

High Power Lightning Car Charger with Extra USB Port - Black    High Power Lightning Car Charger with Extra USB Port - Black

Ideal for iPhone

Featuring a Lightning connection and enough power to charge your device quickly and easily, you can be certain that this car charger is ideal for your iPhone.

Please note: This item is a high power charger, capable of charging at greater speeds compared to even the mains adapter provided with your iPhone. This accessory does not however support Apple's new "Fast" charging specification, which would require additional hardware and a specific cable to meet the USB-PD specification.

Please note: The component(s) may differ slightly to the images used to illustrate the item(s) on this page, however, replacements will be of equal or greater quality if an adjustment is made.

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