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Olixar DriveTime iPhone 8 Car Holder, Cable & Charger In-Car Pack


Produktnummer: 65692

The perfect in-car accessory pack for your iPhone 8. Featuring a case compatible car holder mount, a 3.1 amp USB car charger and a 1m Lightning cable; you'll have everything you need to hold and charge your phone while driving.

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Essential items for your car journey

The perfect in-car accessory pack, so your journeys and iPhone 8 are safe while your smartphone is securely fixed within view and charged ready for action.

The Olixar DriveTime pack includes:

  • Car Holder
  • Car Charger with Additional USB Port
  • Lightning Cable

Olixar DriveTime iPhone 8 Car Holder, Cable & Charger In-Car Pack

Use your iPhone 8 safely and legally

In many countries it is illegal, and more importantly of course, it is unsafe to use your smartphone while you drive. The Olixar DriveTime In-Car Pack ensures you can view your iPhone 8 without the need to hold it in your hands.

With your smartphone safely docked within the car holder, your iPhone 8 is positioned in an easy to view location that is ideal for monitoring your phone's screen when used as a sat nav.

Olixar DriveTime iPhone 8 Car Holder, Cable & Charger In-Car Pack

360° rotation for the perfect viewing angle

The Olixar DriveTime's Car Holder features a ball and socket joint, which rotates through a complete 360° - allowing you to quickly and easily find a comfortable angle when driving.

Olixar DriveTime iPhone 8 Car Holder, Cable & Charger In-Car Pack

Sturdy and robust design holds your phone securely

Manufactured from tough and durable materials, the DriveTime car holder provides a stiff and stable support for your phone so that it is held securely during motion. This means that your phone will not move or rock when driving over uneven surfaces.

Olixar DriveTime iPhone 8 Car Holder, Cable & Charger In-Car Pack

Case compatible

Suitable for use with or without a case on as the holder stretches right up to 11.5cm. This allows the DriveTime's car holder to secure your smartphone, regardless of how thick the case attached is. 

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Includes a fast charging 3.1A car charger with additional USB port

The DriveTime car kit also includes a car charging adapter with built-in cable, which is designed to work specifically with the iPhone 8 - so you can ensure that your phone is always fully charged.

The DriveTime's car charger also won't allow your phone to lose charge with its powerful 3.1A total output, so even when you are using the most demanding of apps as you drive (for example as a sat nav) - you can be sure your device is still charging quickly and efficiently.

Olixar DriveTime iPhone SE Car Holder & Charger Pack

With the additional USB port, you can even charge another device at the same time. A great way of ensuring your passenger also has enough charge to survive the day!

Also includes a 1m USB Lightning charging cable

Included in the pack is a 1m Lightning charging cable to connect your iPhone 6 to the car charger. This cable supports high speed charging and as an added bonus, you can also use it as a sync and charge cable if you want to take it indoors to connect to a computer.

Olixar DriveTime iPhone 8 Car Holder, Cable & Charger In-Car Pack

Please note: The component parts of this pack may differ slightly to the images used to illustrate the pack on this page, however, replacements will be of equal or greater quality if an adjustment is made.

Please note: This item includes a high power charger, capable of charging at greater speeds compared to even the mains adapter provided with your iPhone. This accessory does not however support Apple's new "Fast" charging specification, which would require additional hardware and a specific cable to meet the USB-PD specification.

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