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Whoosh! Nontoxic Screen Clean Wipe

Whoosh! Nontoxic Screen Clean Wipe


Produktnummer: 65058

This cleaning wipe with special formula is a great way to keep your device and other electronics clean from dirt and grime. Safe for all screens, this non-toxic and odourless cleaning solution is ideal for ensuring your device's screen is ready for action

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Odourless family safe non-toxic cleaning wipe

Ensure your devices are spotless from dirt and other unsightly marks with the Whoosh! Nontoxic Screen Clean Wipe. Its non-toxic and odourless formula ensures it is perfectly safe for you, your screen and of course your family. Even better, it is free from alcohol and ammonia.

Invisible coating resists dust, dirt, oils and fingerprints

Once applied, your device's screen will enjoy a nano-thin invisible layer of protection that resists dust, dirt, oils and of course fingerprints. This ensures your device's screen looks the part, without unsightly smudges and marks spoiling the view.

Can be used on your mobile phone, laptop, PC monitor and many more

The Whoosh! Nontoxic Screen Clean Wipe can not only clean your smartphone screen, but also your tablet, laptop, PC monitor and more - allowing them to shine as if they have just been unboxed.