Belkin Stage Universal Portable Tablet Stand


Produktets artikkelnummer: B2B118

Produktnummer: 62314

The Tablet Stage from Belkin is a compact, lightweight and sturdy universal stand for your tablet. Nail every presentation in podium mode or use your tablet as a de facto scanner in document camera mode. Also great for media viewing and video calls!

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Ergonomic, intuitive tablet stand with 2 "modes"

Your tablet is an essential companion for your work - after all, it's compact, convenient and a great way to give interactive presentations and demonstrations. You need a stand that complements these features while also bringing its own arsenal to the table. Enter the Belkin Portable Tablet Stage. This handy stand is a great way to take your presentations to the next level. With two switchable modes, integrated cable management and a dedicated app, the Belkin Stage Stand is the perfect companion for your professional life.

Podium mode enhances your presentations

The first of the Belkin Stage stand's two modes is "podium mode". Similar to a typical tablet stand, this mode positions your tablet at the perfect angle for video recording, capturing images or simply giving a presentation to a small table or group.

Document camera mode for scanning and taking images

Simply by adjusting the angle of the holder, this stand becomes the perfect camera or de facto scanner. Take pictures of documents, objects or anything else you might need to record for posterity with the document camera mode.

Free companion app

The Belkin Stage app makes presentations a cinch. Using this app - which is available from the Google Play store and the iOS App Store - you can make notes in real-time on video and images, share your content in real-time via a wired Internet connection or Apple AirPlay and much, much more.

Lightweight, compact and ultra-portable

The Belkin Stage Stand folds into a convenient, compact flat shape, making it ideal for taking with you in backpacks, briefcases or anything else you're carrying with you on your business trip.

Simple, straightforward setup

All you need to do to get started with Belkin Portable Stage Stand is to connect your device to a display system - a TV, monitor, projector or other display - then open the Belkin Stage app, and you're away.

Integrated cable management system keeps things tidy

We all know the pain of a tangled mess of cables - it's not fun for anyone. The Belkin Stage Stand features a built-in cable management system, so you can thread all your cables through one convenient gap and keep track of everything you've got plugged in to your device.

Virtually universal compatibility - and case-friendly, too

Any tablet between 7 and 11 inches can be used with the Belkin Stage Stand, and what's more, you won't even need to remove your tablet from its case in order to use the stand. Perfect, right? 

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