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High Power 2.4A OnePlus 3T / 3 Charger - EU Mains

High Power 2.4A OnePlus 3T / 3 Charger - EU Mains

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Produktnummer: 60327

Charge your OnePlus 3T / 3 and any other USB device quickly and conveniently with this compatible 2.4A high power USB-C EU charging kit. Featuring an EU wall adapter and USB-C cable.

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High power 2.4A output 

This compatible USB-C EU Wall charger features a high power 2.4A output, so it will charge your OnePlus 3T / 3 quickly and easily.

High Power 2.4A OnePlus 3 Charger - EU Mains

Compact design allows you to take it on your travels

The charger itself is very compact which makes it highly portable. Ideal for taking your OnePlus 3T / 3 with you on holidays or short trips.   

High Power 2.4A OnePlus 3 Charger - EU Mains

Includes a USB-C data cable

The OnePlus 3T / 3 mains charger includes a removable USB-C data cable, so you can also sync your smartphone to your computer or laptop.

High Power 2.4A OnePlus 3 Charger - EU Mains

USB 3.0 cable for super speed transfers

The cable features USB 3.0 for the super speed data transfer rates, which means you can transfer content to and from your phone in seconds rather than minutes.

Charge other non-USB-C devices with the universal mains adapter

The mains charger features a universal USB charging port, allowing to charge Lightning, Micro USB and other connections when you use your existing charging cables.

Intelligent charging supplies only the required amount of power

You'll never need to worry about your device becoming overcharged or damaged during the charging process. That's because this mains charger has integrated intelligent charging circuitry, so when your device is done charging, it prevents it from drawing unnecessary current.

OnePlus: 3, 3T

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