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Produktnummer: 59880

Skreddersydd til OnePlus 3T / 3. Gel dekslet fra FlexiShield tilbyr en slank design og en holdbar beskyttelse mot skader og sørger for at din OnePlus 3 ser bra ut lenger.

"Rock solid but nice to touch"
"Really nice blue case"
"Good value"

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Olixar FlexiShield OnePlus 3T / 3 Gel Case - Blue Olixar FlexiShield OnePlus 3T / 3 Gel Case - Blue Product Reference: 59880
23 Desember 2016
Rock solid but nice to touch
Delivery was quick to protect my Beautiful One Plus 3 T from day 1! Colour was lovely, material is very good, tough but feel fantastically soft and grippy to hand. Unfortunately I have to return my phone but I am still keeping this lovely cover!!


Oneplus 3
23 November 2016
Really nice blue case
Before buying this case I had the official Black Apricot case and the Tudia Arch case. The reason I didn't like those cases was due to lack of grip while holding it, I came from the Nexus 5 which has an amazing grip. I haven't had any scares of dropping it yet and I can easily use the phone one handed due to it having that great grip (and because I have fairly large hands). I feel this case will give enough protection from drops, but obviously not as much as the bulky cases, I would say it adds minimal weight and thickness to the phone. The buttons are very responsive and you still can feel that click when pressed, and the protruding camera is now protected. The only bad things I have to say is that the colour isn't as vibrant as shown in the pictures, it's a lighter blue, but still looks great. Also like most cases, fingerprints can faintly be seen, but due to the material it can be easily wiped. This will definitely be the case I'm sticking with and maybe I'll get a dbrand skin to make it stand out.

Adrian Haberberg
West London

6 November 2016
Good value
Nothing dramatic but does exactly what it promises to do. Fits Oneplus 3, snugly, and does make device any thicker since the camera protrudes almost exactly to the thickness of the skin. Actually makes phone more stable when laid flat. Well engineered with apertures in right places.

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Tilvirket av et sterkt og holdbart materiale for langvarig beskyttelse
Alle deksel fra FlexiShield er tilvirket av et sterkt og holdbart gelmateriale som gjør dekslet like fleksibelt som silikon og tøffere enn et krystalldeksel. Dekslet gir langvarig beskyttelse til din OnePlus 3T / 3.
Strømlinjeformet design som ikke legger til noen bulk og passer perfekt i lommen
Dekslet FlexiShield er designet for å være så tynn, lett og sterk som mulig, slik at du kan være sikker på at dekslet ikke legger til noen bulk til din OnePlus 3T / 3. Dekslet passar derved fortsatt enkelt i din lomme.
Opphøyet kant på dekslet beskytter skjermen på din OnePlus 3T / 3 mot riper og smuss
Dekslet har en opphøyet kant som hindrer at skjermen på din OnePlus 3T / 3 kommer i kontakt med flate overflater når du plasserer telefonen med skjermen nedover. Det forhindrer at skjermen på din OnePlus 3T / 3 utsettes for riper og smuss.

Åpninger for alle funksjoner og porter til OnePlus 3T / 3
Hver deksel fra FlexiShield har blitt skreddersydd till OnePlus 3T / 3 og har åpninger for porter og funksjoner, for eksempel kameraet.


*Please Note: The FlexiShield skins do NOT cover the screen of your handset, for the best protection combining the FlexiShield with a screen protector will help to protect your handset from bumps and also protect the screen from dirt and scratches.*

OnePlus: 3, 3T