LG Rolly 2 Rollable Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


Produktnummer: 59457

The new improved Rolly 2 rollable wireless keyboard from LG makes typing on a smartphone or tablet a breeze. It folds up along the improved 5 key rows to create an easy-to-carry pentagonal prism 'stick' and also includes a built-in device stand.

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Good with numbers

The new improved Rolly 2 has an extra row which has been put to good use with the addition of numerical keys which also double as function keys. There are also an array of OS specific buttons too. This gives you a huge increase in functionality and productivity. The Rolly 2 can also pair with up to 3 devices at the same time.

Folds into a pentagonal  'stick' for great portability

Unlike other portable keyboards which roll lengthways, the LG Rolly 2 folds along the five key rows to create an easy-to-carry pentagonal prism 'stick' that fits snugly into a pocket, purse or briefcase. Its even easier to hold and carry (weighs only 160g) than the previous version and it looks more contemporary too.

Durable, impact-resistant construction

Made from a sturdy combination of Polycarbonate and ASB plastic the LG Rolly 2 keyboard is impact resistant and durable as well as being light and portable.

Quick iOS shortcut keys

When you're in full work mode, you don't want to constantly switch between touch and typing. Not to worry - this device's Command key can be used to access quick iOS shortcut keys for crucial functions like media playback, copy-and-paste and screen sleep / wake, as well as productivity suite features such as justification and text formatting - so you can do everything from the keyboard.

Satisfyingly tactile feedback

Despite its slim dimensions, the LG Rolly 2 offers nearly identical tactile feedback to a 'normal' office keyboard with a key pitch of 17mm (as opposed to 18mm).

Battery life of up to 3 months

Powered by a single AAA battery the LG Rolly 2 keyboard can last up to three and a half months of average use.