Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Earphones - White


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The S6 Edge stereo headset comes in a classic white design that provides a comfortable fit. The official Galaxy S6 Edge earphones also provide exceptional sound reproduction and enable you to handle calls handsfree thanks to the mic and volume controls.

"Excellent choice"
"Great earbuds, they're the real deal"

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Nadine Anderson

5 Mai 2017
Excellent choice
Quick delivery, just as good as the original Samsung headphones. Loud clear and lead long. I like the ear buds as they fit inton my ears perfectly. Better than cheap ones best to spend the money.

Leticia Barrers
United States

Samsung galaxy edge 6
12 Mars 2017
Great earbuds, they're the real deal
Definitely buying another pair soon, just to have them handy. These are the real thing, just like the original buds that came with the phone. I received the order in 7 days or 8 days, very speedy.

Norbert Kohulak

Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Earphones-White
6 Januar 2017
Quality of the product

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Official replacement Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge earphones

Exactly the same as your original pair, these official earphones are the perfect replacement for your S6 Edge earphones. So if you've lost, broken or just want a back up pair, these official earphones are sure to provide you with excellent the same performance and quality which you would come to expect from an official Samsung product.

Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Earphones - White    Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Earphones - White

Ergonomically designed earbuds for improved comfort and performance

This official Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge stereo headset has been designed with comfort and quality in mind. The soft rubber earbuds are ergonomically designed so that they are not only easy to distinguish right from left but that they also provide superior comfort whilst directing the sound straight into your ear so you get the highest possible sound quality with minimum sound loss.

Delivers high performance sound in each ear

In-built within each headphone are two speakers: a woofer and a tweeter speaker which delivers a balanced sound with full frequency range. The large drivers output sound with dynamic, deep bass and high resolution treble sound ensuring that you listen to your favourite tunes in Hi-Fi quality.

Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Earphones - White

Integrated in-line controls for music control

Located on the cable extremely easy to use multi-function controls, that allow you to control your music without having to touch your phone. A simple press of the multi-function controls enables you to play / pause and skip the tracks of your music. You can even handle phone calls handsfree, making for the perfect way to talk when driving, exercising or just around the house when you need your hands free.

Please Note: For devices without an integrated 3.5mm headphone port, an adapter may be required.

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