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Rearth Invisible Defender Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Protector


Produktets artikkelnummer: id058

Produktnummer: 52539

3 pack of multi-layered optical enhanced high definition screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Features new 'TouchTech' properties for a natural touch and allows for perfect touch screen precision.

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Multi-layer optical enhanced film

Rearth has integrated the highest specifications of design and technology in their screen protectors. Each screen protector is made from 5 layers of processing to ensure that it will be incredibly tough, but look crystal clear to give your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that wow factor. 

Extreme clear hard coat treatment 

The Invisible Defender is an extremely clear screen protector and you will never have to worry about external scratches. It keeps your device scratch free, and marks will easy wipe away. In addition, there is UV protection coat and anti-glare. 

Rearth's precision technology

Rearth's TouchTech properties within the screen protector gives you a natural feel and alls perfect touch screen precision. Rearth guarantee the perfect fit as they have specifically focused on ensuring the fit down to the millimetre so that the screen protector will be unrecognisable once applied. 

Easy silicon adhesive application

There is no need to worry about any failure during installation. The screen protector can be easily applied and readjust without bubbles. Plus the Silicon Adhesive leaves no residue once removed, making this the perfect user-friendly screen protector. 

Samsung: Galaxy S6 Edge