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DriveTime iPhone 6 Plus In-Car Pack

DriveTime iPhone 6 Plus In-Car Pack


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The perfect in-car accessory pack for your iPhone 6 Plus. Featuring a case compatible car holder mount, a 2 amp USB car charger and a 1m Lightning cable; you'll have everything you need to hold and charge your phone while driving.

"Practical in-car holder for iPhone 6 Plus"

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Allan Jellett

DriveTime iPhone 6 Plus in-car pack
11 Oktober 2014
Practical in-car holder for iPhone 6 Plus
Works really well - I use it for TomTom app on my new iPhone 6 Plus - the suction pad adhesion to the windscreen is the best I have ever come across and the phone can be adjusted for best viewing angle. The USB car charger seems to work well.

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This pack includes:

  • Case Compatible Car Mount (£9.99 RRP)
  • 2 Amp USB Car Charger (£9.99 RRP)
  • Lightning Cable (£9.99 RRP)

Mount your mobile iPhone 6 Plus safely in your car

The Claw Car Mount allows you to safely position your iPhone 6 on the windscreen of your car to allow you to use your phone as a sat nav, play a video for the kids or just mount it in a comfortable position - which keeps your phone in view without blocking your view of the road.

DriveTime iPhone 6 Plus In-Car Pack    DriveTime iPhone 6 Plus In-Car Pack

Incredibly slim and stylish with access to all ports and features

Designed to be incredibly slim and stylish in your car, unlike some other chunky or larger phone holders. The Claw allows full access to charging ports, buttons and your devices screen so you don't have to constantly remove the device from the holder to access it or charge it. There is also access for the camera at the back of the handset as well, so that you can make recordings while you're driving, perfect for recording something on the road or in the back of your car.

DriveTime iPhone 6 Plus In-Car Pack    DriveTime iPhone 6 Plus In-Car Pack

Includes a Apple iPhone 6 Plus car charger

This Compact 2A Car Charger has been designed to be as small as possible. As a result it has a discrete ultra-low profile that can be left in your car without getting in the way of the handbrake or dash controls. Its ultra small size makes it possible for you to leave it in place when you leave your car for easy charging next time you get into your car.

DriveTime iPhone 6 Plus In-Car Pack    DriveTime iPhone 6 Plus In-Car Pack

Also includes a 1m USB charging cable

Including in the pack is a 1m Lightning charging cable to connect your iPhone 6 Plus to the car charger. This cable supports high speed charging and as an added bonus, you can also use it as a sync and charge cable if you want to take it indoors to connect to a computer.

DriveTime iPhone 6 Plus In-Car Pack    DriveTime iPhone 6 Plus In-Car Pack

Please note: The component parts of this pack may differ slightly to the images used to illustrate the pack on this page, however, replacements will be of equal or greater quality if an adjustment is made.

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