Moshi iVisor AG Anti Glare Screen Protector for iPhone 5S / 5 - White


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Protect your iPhone 5S / 5's screen with this 100% bubble free anti-glare screen protector in white.

"Moshi iphone antiglare screen protector"
"Best Screen cover"
"Amazingly simple"

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Jenny hall

Moshi antiglare screen protector for iphone
5 Juli 2016
Moshi iphone antiglare screen protector
How effective it was against glare. Cost a lot more than just a screen protector but worth the extra money


12 Januar 2016
Best Screen cover
I am really pleased with this screen cover. No Bubbles at all and easy to put on. Definitely recommend it.


Apple iPhone 5s
22 April 2015
Amazingly simple
Had one on old phone and never any bother. So was a no brainer to put one on new phone. So easy to apply even with shaky hands. No bubble trouble and can be moved if don't get it right first time. The anti glare is a godsend. Would highly recommend it. Also have one on iPad mini.

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Patented technology ensured simply bubble-free installation

iVisor for iPhone 5S / 5 is an advanced protector that protects the iPhone 5S / 5 front glass display from everyday wear and tear. Unlike traditional screen protectors that require tedious installation procedures, Moshi's proprietary design and patented technology allows installation in seconds without any air bubbles, making it the easiest screen protector to install on the market today.

EZ-Glide surface treatment allows better touch screen manoeuvrability

The iVisor has a special EZ-Glide surface treatment which offers not only excellent scratch/smudge resistance but retains the optimal touch screen sensitivity and feedback. 

iVisor can be washed and reapplied repeatedly

Another great feature of the iVisor is that it can be removed, washed and reapplied repeatedly if it does get dirty.